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    Throughout history, the conquerors, the winners, and the strong have their stories told. The victors write the history books, while the losers serve as their pedestals. Winners earn fame while the losers are promptly forgotten or only remembered as being conquered by the victors. The forces in power gain their control by justifying their cause, uniting their supporters, weakening their opponents and expressing history in a means that benefits them. In this way, history accounts for only half of the perspective as only half of the story is told and half of the truth is expressed.
    Those who are in power begin their reign by justifying their cause, usually with religion. It may just be to appease their own conscience, or it can be much more widespread. These forces portray themselves as just, even as humanitarians, pursuing what they pronounce as a beneficial goal. Yet, as Joseph Conrad's character Marlow says of the brick-maker's presence in Africa, it is nothing but "philanthropic pretense" (Conrad 32) In this way, groups like these gain supporters as others are attracted to a so called "worthy task."
    In this youtube video, Adolf Hitler addresses the assassination attempt against him (Hitler 2). He states that his survival is by the will of God or "Providence" and that this is a sign that he is meant to continue his life's work. In this way many united under the image of Adolf Hitler, as a just leader that would lead Germany to a better life by the hand of God. He took religion on his side, which allowed him to renounce and attack the Jewish faith as false. His actions were further justified by portraying Jews as the enemy, as swindlers who had corrupted politics, society and even the races as they were considered inferior genetically.
    {} They were a so-called oppressive force which the Germans needed to vanquish (Hungerford). This is similar to how groups like the Klu Klux Klan united under Christianity against African Americans, Jews, Catholics and immigrants.
    {} Groups in control remain in power by unifying their forces against a common enemy. United, this conglomeration can more effectively disable or exterminate their foe. As seen in this picture, the KKK is justifying their actions and uniting their followers with religion underneath the image of the cross (Photograph). Groups like these used Christianity, saying that their perogative is God's desire and that they have God's protection and support. Many of their ceremonies are done in the name of God. Some white supremacists adopted Nazi views and tactics, showing that Germans aren't the only ones to participate in this form of antisemitism and racism.
    However, it doesn't necessarily take an entire army or nation to gain the upper hand. Small groups can win the advantage in the same way, such as an older sibling may use his superior strength against a younger sibling and recount the event as being provoked by the younger child. While this situation would be nothing like an ideological crusade, it is still an occasion where one person uses their power over a weaker group. This occurs in Things Fall Apart when Okonkwo threw the Cat and "brought honor to his village by throwing...the great wrestler" (Achebe 3). If the story was told from the Cat's perspective, the account might be a polar opposite to this version of what happened. He might claim that Okonkwo cheated, or that he had some other disadvantage. Nevertheless, Okonkwo's story is the only one known after the match. This shows that even a small force can manipulate the story and whose story is told because of their success -- but success is the key.
    Supreme powers ensure their dominance in the future by weakening their opponents. In this video of Adolf Hitler's speech, he weakens his enemies by saying that his people are the "carrier[s] of the best blood" therefore inferring that everyone else is inferior (Hitler 1). Because he has united such a large force against them, his party has the advantage of numbers and a common cause, whereas the defending powers are not yet united and are unprepared to meet this onslaught. Most groups throughout history take advantage of the opportunity to oppress or injure those who do not favor them in order to secure their own success. In Heart of Darkness, the character Mr. Kurtz has essentially beaten the surrounding tribes of natives into submission. To remind them of this power he holds over them and to keep them under his oppression, he made a fence of the tribesmen's heads on stakes (Conrad 56). Their fear of his guns and aggression weakens them, dampening any hopes of rebellion.
    In the Watergate Scandal, Nixon and other top White House officials used their power to cover up the truth, lie to the American people and alter the account of their actions in order to make them appear more beneficial. Because Nixon and his staffers were in power, they had the opportunity to tell their story which even Nixon admits in this video "isn't true" (Nixon et al). Their story is the only one told and it would have remained intact had it not been for reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, with the help of Mark Felt known as "Deep Throat," who pieced together the messy trail of this gigantic lie (The Watergate Story). The exposure of the Watergate Scandal quickly took away power from Nixon, who, along with his associates, promptly resigned. Thus the truth -- as well as the other side of the story -- was eventually revealed.
    s we see throughout history, whether it be the Nazi's, the KKK, the colonists or the slave holders, the white man has constantly been the oppressor and the victor. It is true that the white man has a great burden: the ability to live with himself, knowing of the cruel crimes he has committed against humanity. And so the white man's story is told, in an attempt to ease this burden, by glorifying, even celebrating, these crimes by calling them accomplishments. This is done in the hope that this weak attempt will help to ease the pain from the white man's past.
    The victor's story is the primary -- sometimes solitary -- account told throughout history. Whichever group is in the position of power has the freedom to tell their version of events. This group generally justifies their cause to themselves and the world through religion, unites their followers and supporters against an opposing group or enemy, weakens their enemy to ensure their side of events isn't proved false or incomplete and alters or edits the recount of events to most effectively benefit them or their position. Through this process, whichever party that has a power over the other will have their voices heard. Their half of the story will be told, while the other is silenced or smothered out of existence.
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    Hi. I'm Alysha Van Zante. {} {} I enjoy Spanish.
    {} Dis is funny!

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  1. page Mary Corrick edited {AndyNewellll.jpg} This is Andy Newell. He is everything I am not in a nordic skier. He goes fa…
    This is Andy Newell. He is everything I am not in a nordic skier. He goes fast, he can do cool tricks, and he is actually a pretty dang good skier.
    I love this so much. I love running, and mud, the other forms of wonder associated with XC. {redsox.png}
    Baseball. Packed stadiums. Sunsets. Yes.
    This is where I lived in Germany for 3 weeks with my exchange student.

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  1. page Multimodal Essay Example edited ... Examples of Dance {tango.jpg} The The tango, a ... love, hurt, and and obsession o…
    Examples of Dance
    TheThe tango, a
    love, hurt, andand obsession of
    Ballet, often thought to be the most formal and rigorous form of dance, it can show every emotion from glee to jealousy to grief. The graceful arching leaps and structured forms ensnare the observer and communicate with him on a deeper level.
    Take for instance the Haka. Originally a Maori Tribal dance performed before battle, it has been adapted by the New Zealand All Black rugby team as an intimidation technique. The fierce movements and violent gestures represent the passion of the "battle" to come, and are meant to show strength. The dance was meant to call to the gods of war for help, and to psychologically motivate the warrior. I wouldn't want to fight them after that.
    TheThe waltz shows
    JazzJazz displays modern
    Clearly dance tells many different stories. Another example is the canoe step which is considered one of the most graceful Hay-lush-ka Indian Dances. It is interesting to note that in order to become a Hay-lush-ka you have to master the traditional dances; one of which is the canoe step. It represents the motions of paddling a canoe in an interpretive way demonstrating that the canoe is an essential part of life. Their whole society is based on sign language instead of spoken language The Hay-lush-ka Indians tell their stories through movements, obviously dance is very important. The canoe dance is the honey of their tribe.
    RiverRiver Dance shows

    shows passion
    In the Tchaikowsky's ballet The Nutcracker the entire story is told through dance. The meaning of every move can be determined in a much more meaningful way than if the story had just been told to you. The way a dance is performed gives thought and grace to every plot. Dancing is often a much more subtle way to tell a tale.
    Dance in Things Fall Apart
    "Hay-Lush-ka Manual." Guides and Princess Program. Web. 7 Dec 2010. <>.
    "Nutcracker, Dance of the Mirlitons." 2010. Web. 12 December 2010.

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