How do women's stories get told?

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Women throughout all time have been evolving from stay at home mothers to corporate powerhouses. They want to be seen as equals in society. Their stories are examined very minutely and very often simply passed over. In literature they are merely fixtures to be admired. Until suffrage in America, across the globe they were all treated the same. From Italy to California, and Africa to China the majority didn't have a voice and were your typical housewife. Suffrage changed how they were treated in society and also evolved them from admirable objects to being the heroin.

Women are definitely needed for society and humanity. They are the nurturers and caregivers. Because they are viewed as weak many feel the need to protect them. This might be the reason why they are required to stay at home. In Things Fall Apart Okonkwo has three wives that do everything for him. They have to cook and take care of all the kids much like it was before women's suffrage. Being in a different time period or halfway across the world didn't make a difference in how women were viewed despite race or breeding.

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For a long time, in almost every culture around the globe, there have been definite roles for the man and woman. Often times, the woman would be put into a position of unimportance, while the man is in control and may do with her as he wishes.
In our culture, the role of women is the quaint wife, who stays at home, cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children. She does not have a job, and always has a hot meal ready for the husband when he comes home after a long day at work.

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In Not Without My Daughter Betty Mahmoody underwent a drastic change that nearly wrecked her life. She lived life to the fullest in America and had a equal voice in family choices. Never did she imagine that she would ever have that taken away from her and that she wouldn't get to make mundane choices in her everyday life. When she and her husband with their daughter went to his home country of Iran she soon realized that if she stayed her voice as a woman would be gone forever. Her husband had complete control over their family life and she was thrown back into a time when women were there to keep house and meant to present meals. Her authority as a mother over her daughter and an equal partner in marriage disappeared.

Once women in more modern literature accept their place as being just capable as men to carry out diverse tasks it adds to their liberation. As women they come to the conclusion that their roles go beyond that of nuturer and home maker to saying I am enough and just like everyone else whatever I dream I can achieve. Instead of being influenced by what other sexist ideas may come up they are able to change popular belief that they aren't able to do something. Women have become more outspoken and empowering to other women.

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