Step One: Open googledocs account, type timed write #1 (exactly how it is), "rename" document as your first and last name

Step Two: On a sticky note, write your googledocs email address

Step Three: Exchange your sticky note for someone else's (see Mrs. Bear), turn in timed write

Step Four: "Share" your googledoc of the typed timed write with the person on the sticky note (be sure to indicate that they "can edit")

Step Five: Wait until a document has been shared with you--be sure to "refresh" all items to check for the shared document.

Step Six: Underline the thesis statement and the claim (sub-thesis) for each paragraph. If you can't find the thesis or the thesis is unclear, choose a different text color and write a thesis if it's missing or revise if it is unclear. If there are any paragraphs that do not start with a claim, choose a different text color (not black) and write a claim for the paragraph--the claim should capture what you think the author was trying to prove in the paragraph.

Step Seven: Go through the timed write and highlight ALL specific evidence from the text(s). Remember that evidence includes any specific events from the text that actually occurred. Be sure that you only highlight evidence, not claims. Check out this example:Example
Consider the following:
Evidence: Odysseus sleeps with Circe and Calypso.
Not Evidence: Odysseus is not a good husband.
See the difference? In order for something to be evidence you must be able to point to a specific place in the text where the event occurs.

Step Eight: Choose a different text color to add revisions to the timed write. Carefully consider each paragraph. Add any additional evidence you might use to support the claim for that paragraph. Remember you are thinking of specific events from the text(s), paraphrasing them and actually adding them to the paragraph.

Step Nine: Choose a different text color. Carefully consider each piece of evidence included in the essay. Find any place where there is evidence with no explicit analysis/explanation. Write analysis/explanation for the evidence. Remember that your analysis should address how the evidence proves the claim AND how it all relates back to the thesis. NOTE: You are actually adding evidence and analysis--not just pointing out that they are missing!!!

Step Ten: Write any general notes/observations you have at the bottom. Send the author a message to let him or her know you are finished. You can do this through the "Share" feature in google docs.

Step Eleven: When YOUR document has received a peer response, consider the changes he or she has made. At the bottom, reflect on the following questions:
1. What did you do well in this essay? How do you know?
2. What can you do better next time you write an essay like this? How do you know?
3. What are the most important things to remember about writing this type of essay? Explain.

Step Twelve: "Share" YOUR document with Mrs. Bear (don't worry about the other person's he or she will share that document with me): Make sure you have completed Steps 1-11 and shared it with me by Friday, October 1st @ 4:00 pm.