Mary oh mary, you are quite contrairy.
Mary oh mary, I bet you like DAIRY.
mary oh mary, would you like to become a fairy?
Up through the trees
Come fly with me!
we will play with all of the beeeees!
Mary oh Mary, would you like, to become a fairy?


Jami Black-Pretty Girls Make Faces
I thought Jami's video was hilarios because when the girl kept laughing at herself in an extremely creepy way, I kept laughing AT the girl. Because of Jami's video, I figured out another way to answer "What is funny?" is a person's awkward, or creepy, laugh.

Andrea Bachman- Using the Force!
I love the fact that it was a child dressed up as Darth Vadar, instead of, let's say, an adult nerd. Her video appealed to the little child in everyone, including me! I thought her video was so funny, and discovered by little children doing adorable things could be funny as well.
Ben West-White and Nerdy
The "White and Nerdy" video is one of the best videos I have seen because it makes fun of our sterotypical society, and is like a parody of the American culture. It's always a bit funny when we're making fun of ourselves.
Caroline Biggs-Science Fair
I found Caroline's video to be funny because it made fun of the abnormal person who is just being themselves, which is one of the answers to my "What is funny?" sheet. The outfit, the hair, the voice, and the face. It all comes together to create what we could all only image as the craziest person on earth.
Ellie Matthews-Kid on Roller Coaster
Ellie's video makes me laugh because it is the epitamy of our American Society. I find it so humorous that the woman, the caretaker, of the kid is just laughing at him in stead of helping him or freaking out. This really shouldn't be funny if we all had values, but deep inside, we know it is.