Why is Tina Fey funny?"People often ask me the difference between male and female comedians. Do men and women find different things funny? I usually attempt an answer that is so diplomatic and boring that the person will just walk away." - Tina Fey Humor used to be a boy's club. TV shows were written by men, all stand up comedians were of the male gender, and attempts by women were cringe-worthy. I mean, nothing is really funny about being in the kitchen. Enter Tina Fey, who changed everything. But why is she so hilarious? She's just an adult, talking about how awkward her entire life has been. tina_Fey.jpgDo we enjoy her self deprecation? Her ability to turn unfortunate moments into humor where we almost pee our pants? Or start "lizzing"? lizzing.jpgEither way, Tina Fey is a beacon of light in the humor industry, and is enjoyed universally as that "Sarah Palin woman on TV", as noted by my grandma.

"Just remember that every person you see on a [magazine] cover has a bra and underwear hanging out a gaping hole in the back. Everyone."- Tina Fey

 Humor that you cannot relate to is not very funny. It is basically an inside joke that you'll never understand. Hey, were you there when Frank tripped into that trashcan? Yeah me neither. Tina Fey speaks to those who feel it is acceptable to a have little nerd inside of them, whether that is through Star Wars, Harry Potter, or just being that one "geek". Tina Fey embraced it, makes fun of it, which in turn makes it hilarious, and fully acceptable. When she discusses her nerd-dom, those whotain.jpgcan relate to her get that "wait other people think that exact same thing?" feeling. Tina Fey creates a feeling of camaraderie between the general population, with her Star Wars humor, and those who can laugh at how smart they really are. No one is perfect. No one is normal. Tina Fey acknowledges this, and portrays her faults as humor, to bring a population of the geeks together. The relatable type of humor that Tina Fey pioneers is amazing, and makes her humor style almost universal, because we can laugh at her awkward moments, while knowing that something similar has happened to us.

“I like to crack the jokes now and again, but it's only because I struggle with math.”- Tina Fey

Self deprecation is a classic humor style. Whether it refers to obsessive habits, ones appearance, or just general persona, making fun of yourself is a classic way to encourage laughter in others. Tina Fey discovered this at an early age. With her ability to make people laugh, she could make friends, because they were attracted to her sense of humor. To belittle one’s self is an art form. It has to be subtle, graceful and not come off too needy. Once you start talking about how ugly you are all the time, I have no other choice but to agree with you. Tina Fey is subtle, and can insert moments from her past to make her appear to lack social skills, and have no ability to form sentences when around people of importance, or attractive men. It’s easy to laugh when someone is making fun of themselves, and makes it fully acceptable to acknowledge their flaws. In countless interviews, Tina has brought up her past in which there have been definite humorous moments. She has become a regular attendee of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with David Letterman, and other talk shows. Her videos have been watched multiple thousand times on YouTube, and she has made millions laugh, just by cracking a joke about herself.

“I had to get back to work. NBC has me under contract. The baby and I only have a verbal agreement.”- Tina Fey

Along with making fun of herself, Tina Fey frequently mocks the industries she has worked in, mainly acting, but also modeling. She describes in excruciating detail the late nights she worked through at Second City and Saturday Night Live, while making them humorous. Through rough times, she can manage to incorporate something funny, because she is in fact living her dream, and realizes how lucky she is. A pessimistic person lacks humor, because they are down trodden, and have no hope for the future, and can’t even see through to tomorrow. Tina Fey may not necessarily be an optimist, but she can make fun of her profession because it is exactly what she hoped for. Even with modeling, she complains about the shoots, how the clothes don’t fit, and how she can never exactly pose to look attractive, but through her humor, you can realize that she actually does enjoy her work, and feels she is lucky to be there.

“Blammo! Another successful interaction with a man!”
-Liz Lemon
So why’s Tina Fey funny? Because she’s exactly like us. She’s normal, she’s down to earth and we know what she’s talking about a large percentage of the time. Because of how relatable she is, we can understand her sentiments and digest her humor a large portion of the time. Because she can make fun of herself, and her audience can understand that they are just like that at times, it adds a facet on humor that most comedians cannot come close to. She is not an actress, she is a person.