Both "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka and "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Sartre present situations in which there is a prevalent philosophy surrounding the characters; Kafka's novella presents an idea of absurdism, which has the a notable difference to the existentialism Sartre has in his play. Both pieces parallel with a situation no person would want to be in.

Kafka's absurd approach conveys a sense of no meaning and no control, similar to the lack of meaning and control Gregor faces while in bed with "...his numerous little legs, which were in every different kind of perpetual motion and which, besides, he could not control." (Kafka 7). Gregor's illogical train of thought after awakening in a bug form does not mesh with the event that is taking place. After noticing his new form he has the simple thought, "The next train left at seven o'clock to make it, he would have to hurry like a madman, and the line of samples wasn't packed yet..." (Kafka 5). The entire situation set up by Kafka could only be described, simply, as absurd.

This song is a perfect example of absurdism because it is completely lacking cohesiveness. None of it make sense. There are no beats, there is no melody. There is no meaning at all; the essential point of absurdism.

Jean-Paul Sartre has an existentialist philosophy. In his play "No Exit" Sartre portrays the meaning of life as the end, which is greatly affected by the life before it. The point of the book is stated in the quote, "Hell is -- other people." (Sartre 45)

Throughout the learning of the philosophical lens, I tried to associate myself and my beliefs to the texts we read. Do I agree with it? And what do I agree with? If I picked a category for myself it would be absurdism. However, I can see some atheist existentialism. But philosophy isnt all that important to me in the long run. I've been given the life I have, and I plan to live life the way I see it.

This photo represents the adventure I hope to have in my life, which in time will shape my philosophy and better understand the world through my eyes and experiences. external image 25222d1235656623-nature-photos-wallpapers-images-beautiful-pictures-nature-mountains-photo.jpg

Artist's Statement:
I created this multimodal essay with the intent to represent the philosophical views of the authors mentioned in visual, and auditory examples. As well as brief explanations. I've also included the reflection of my own views after reading the texts. This was all done in a fashion to give a simple understanding of the philosophical lens.